Workshops and Panels

Thanks to this year's virtual format, Beach Blitz is excited to present high quality workshops and panels to interested particpants from amazing presenters around the world. The full workshop schedule is coming soon.


Minibot Competition

Small groups of students will create their very own minibot to race up a pole!

  • Teams of 1-3 pre-college students will design a mini robot to climb up a PVC pole as quickly and reliably as possible.
  • Teams will play in a live elimination bracket as well as present their robot through a presentation, 2 live runs, and Q&A with judges.
  • Official rule book Q & A Updates

Scouting Hackathon

If you are interested in Scouting, Strategy, and/or Programming, the Scouting Hackathon is for you! This competition provides students an outlet to practice and show off skills by working together to create something cool around data from real events and teams!

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Team Trivia Night

We will be hosting a Trivia Night on Friday, November 6th! It will be a 2 hour long FRC and general trivia competition. The only participation rules are:

  • 8 person Trivia Team limit
  • NOT limited to students (Anyone can participate)
  • A single FRC Team can choose to have multiple Trivia Teams